Anja Kreysing - Lait Noir Du Matin

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'Lait Noir Du Matin'

Soundpoem for Nuits et Noirs 3

by Anja Kreysing

based on a recording Session with:

Anja Kreysing: accordion / electronics, concept, sound editing, mastering
Helmut Buntjer: trombone, euphonium, zip zap, electronics

and some atmos by Max Kuiper.

The soundpoem „Lait Noir Du Matin“ is based on fragments of the poem "Todesfuge" by Paul Celan. It ends with "der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland". This is my statement for the guiltyness of my country for all those who lost their lives because of german weapons or the death-industry during Nazi-Germany.

Special thanks to Helmut & Max for their fantastic and inspiring work!

© 2016

image by Anja Kreysing


'Lait Noir Du Matin' is a soundpoem made for Nuits et Noirs magazine nr. 3 - 'Sacred Language'.

The soundwork is constructed using stems from the series 'If one speaks the sacred language' by lht.

For this issue of Nuits et Noirs, the contributors were asked to respond on this quote of Antonin Artaud:

“I am adding another language to the spoken language,
and I am trying to restore to the language of speech its old magic,
its essential spellbinding power,
for its mysterious possibilities have been forgotten.”

The free PDF Nuits et Noirs magazine with visual works and texts by international contributors:


Plans are to release the soundprojects of Nuits et Noirs in physical form in 2016 by r\a\w f\o\r\m\s.


from Sacred Language - Nuits et Noirs 3, released February 16, 2016
© Anja Kreysing


all rights reserved


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